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The Classic Cine Camera Control Module

Cine Assist in its protective case, attached to professional equipment
Cine Assist in its protective case, attached to professional equipment

Cine Assist’s awesome features:

  1. Start, stop and delay your film recording automatically
  2. Remote control your camera with your phone
  3. Record independent but still synchronized live sound
  4. Autonomously output digital data onto film
  5. Create advanced time lapses and speed ramps
  6. Currently supports cameras with electrical remote sockets as found on many Super 8 cameras for example
  7. A new Leicina Special adaptor is available now that converts Cine Assist’s plug to Leicina’s socket! Leicina Special cameras are therefore officially supported now and the additional T-Mode is available too (see more below)!
  8. Cine Assist’s size is only about 6.5 x 6.7cm / 2.5 x 2.6in, it is smaller than a Super 8 cassette and can easily fit on cameras
Cine Assist Module
Cine Assist Module

Cine Assist’s three interfaces

  1. Direct control with on-board switches, feedback on OLED display
  2. Bluetooth remote control with dedicated Cine Assist Android app
  3. PC control with the Cine Assist Windows application

Introductory videos

Video 1 – Using the on-board controls

Video 2 – Bluetooth interface and smart phone app

Video 3 – Recording synchronized audio

Video 4 – Autonomous film-out

Video 5 – Standalone time lapses

Video 6 – New advanced features in the menu

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a smart phone or a PC to use Cine Assist?

No, you can already benefit from great features by just using the module itself. Have a look at the videos above to see how much is already possible with just the module on its own.

Do you still continue to work on Cine Assist?

Yes, very much so. The entire system is being improved on a daily basis. The PC Connector application, the Android app and also the Cine Assist firmware is constantly being improved and extended. Customer feedback and feature requests are taken into account. Customers receive software updates specific their current Cine Assist 1.2 modules for free. Besides that many new features for future versions of Cine Assist are being planned as well and will be sold separately in the future.

Does the Cine Assist App support iOS or Windows Phone?

No, not at the moment. There are no plans to support Windows Phone, iOS might be supported in future releases. Currently the app is focusing on Android.

How can I use my Android phone with Cine Assist?

You need to have a phone that supports Bluetooth Low Energy. Install the Cine Assist Android app and simply connect via Bluetooth. To see what features the app supports, check out the video above.

I would love to buy Cine Assist but am missing a feature that is important to me. How can we proceed?

Please contact me! I will analyze your request and come back to you. Usually chances are good that I will implement your feature.

Can I use a camera that only provides a cable release socket?

Not yet, but you can in the near future! At the moment Cine Assist connects to your camera electrically, cable releases are not supported yet, however development has already started to provide an elegant solution to support both remote control as well as cable release sockets. Leicina Special cameras that do not have the commonly used sockets of many other cameras are now also supported by using the Cine Assist to Leicina adaptor (see more below).

Does Cine Assist focus mainly on Super 8 amateurs?

No, not at all. As a matter of fact Cine Assist was already sold to professionals as well! The main goal is to provide the perfect solution for each customer. Cine Assist is also not limited to Super 8 cameras either. As long as your camera provides the correct type of remote control socket, Cine Assist can connect to it.

Does Cine Assist support my Leicina Special camera?

Yes, it does now! By plugging in the Cine Assist adaptor into your camera, you can use the Cine Assist module like you would with any other supported camera. But wait, there’s more! Leicina Special  cameras offer the T-Mode feature, single frame long time exposures can be triggered by pressing a switch and stopped again after any time you wish whenever you press the switch again. This special feature is now integrated into Cine Assist’s firmware and software as well. You can select the exposure time in your Cine Assist PC Connector application before starting your automated film-out and Cine Assist will handle Leicina’s T-Mode for you.


Want to protect your precious Cine Assist module when shooting outdoors? Now you can!

Cine Assist Case
Cine Assist Case
Different types of cases
Different types of cases

Access all switches, the PC connector port and the battery holder even when the module is inside the case – it can remain there forever!

Order your Cine Assist module now and get it delivered in its new protective case!

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